Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

14.05.07 at 10:47 hrs

Weekly Report No 341, CW 19

Montag, 07.05.2007 bis Sonntag, 13.05.2007
This week, we share some news about our new section and some additional construction works in our visitors' area.
The Matterhorn summit

Last week, only the first side of Matterhorn Mountain was plastered, now Harry is almost around the hill.

Another view of the Matterhorn

When he has finished, the scaffolding will be removed and work will continue until the valley is reached.

Stefan building in the open air lift

Here we see Stefan installing an outside lift.

The viewing platform of the outside lift

It is built after the Hammetschwand lift. The original is 153 meters high and lifts carries up to 12 people along the Hammetschwand wall.

The Hammetschwand lift

Of course, our model lift will move and transport our little inhabitants to the observation platform.

Sabrina,Gerhard, and Wolfgang taking dimensions

Accurate integration is very important for each bridge.

Gerhard takes a closer look

We see Sabrina, Gerhard and Wolfgang discussing the best solution for the bridge bearing so that the tracks will be plain later.

The bridge bearing

Of course, with bridges one always has to observe a level path

Alpine vegetation

Last week we showed you how Sönke is adding vegetation to the layout. Here you see the result after the vacuum cleaner has been used. Have a look at how the electrostatic vegetating device has straightened up the blades of grass.

Riverbed in the Alps

More and more the modellers have had to cope with smaller hills. Here we see a quite cliffy riverbed as it is typical for this region.

Memorial in the Alps

This memorial, another alpine detail, has been formed after the Suworow memorial in the Swiss Schöllenen canyon. It has been built in 1899 and reminds of the franco-russian campaign in this barren territory. As you see, Miniatur Wunderland can even give you some lessons in history..

Platforms for Porta Alpina station

Porta Alpina awaits its first inhabitants. During the last days, platforms and light have been installed in the station. Now, the light installation has to be connected to the power so that the first train arrivals may be lit.

Holger lighting houses

More and more model buildings are placed in the landscape. Electronic installation is added in the next step so that they can be illuminated. The pictures show Holger, who is equipping a larger house with LEDs.

Lars converting switch machines

Normally, Lars is our emergency technician for the track installations or reporter for MiWuLa TV.

Completed conversion of a switch machine

Rather unusually, you can see him here removing the power interruption circuit from the switch machines. We do not need them as we always work with electrical impulses, and not with constant power, for the switch machines.

Prototype Phase 2

Last week, we showed you an artistic arrangement of some cable pipes. As you see, we do not use them for cables but as a small summer bob run.

More space for visitors in the Ticino area

Lots of changes for our room situation. As the technicians moved onto the 2nd floor, we now have more space for our customers in the 3rd floor's Ticino area. Now, you can pause here to have a more detailed look without provoking guest congestion around you.

The new Kid's Corner

In our former seminar room we polished and resealed the complete floor so that we can use it as our new playground for our younger visitors.

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