Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

07.05.07 at 10:51 hrs

Weekly Report No 340, CW 18

From Monday, 30.04.2007 to Sunday, 06.05.2007
Our 340th weekly report presents once again new pictures from the new section, of course. Additionally, we looked into our workshops and found some oddities.
Bietschhorn Mountain

Step by step, an impressive panorama of the Alps is emerging. First the addition of vegetation to the Bietschhorn and installation of the first details have breathed life into the layout.

The Matterhorn summit

Finally, work on Matterhorn mountain begins. Harry started last week to plaster the mountain peak.

Transition from Bietschhorn Mountain to Graubuenden

Martina has finished the transition area between Bietschhorn and Graubünden. Check out the narrow roads and the hiking trails. Vegetation and addition of details will start here soon, too.

Building more subroadbeds in the Engadin

In the Engadin area, Christian is busily working on the framework. Further bases for roads and tracks are added and we install more platforms which will serve as base for the buildings.

Wolfgang inserts the last pieces of track for the Alps section

Wolfgang and Sabine finish the tracks in the Graubünden area station, where Sabine's job is weathering the tracks realistically. Altogether, Wolfgang has installed more than 2900 meters of tracks in the last months.

Wolfgang's hands

It is astonishing how healthy his hands look nevertheless. Eventually, there are only about 100 meters of uninstalled tracks left, and then Wolfgang can start the test runs.

Daniel working on a viaduct

Here you can see Daniel finishing colorization of a new viaduct in the Engadin.

The small viaduct

The photo shows very well how realistically this viaduct has been modelled.

Sönke adding lawn

It really becomes green! Sönke is just adding vegetation to the first areas.

'Green' technique

For this, he is using an electro-static grass spreading device which should put the blades of grass pointing straight up from ground.

Adding vegetation to an area

Unfortunately, this is difficult to see on these photos as the extra grass has not yet been removed.


These small objects are the result of Bobby's artistic trait.

Illuminated sculptures

What they are for, we'll tell you next week... :-)

The highway contruction site in Switzerland

In the meantime, the motorway construction site finally has found its place on the layout and is enhanced with further machines. You can see the yellow transport lift for workers and material.

A first prototype

An odd building from our workshop: What has happened to the electrician who did this? Too many drinks? Having a closer look, you might be able to guess what this will be, can't you? Watch out for more details next week. :-)

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