Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

30.04.07 at 10:54 hrs

Weekly Report No 339, CW 17

From Monday, 23.04.2007 to Sunday, 29.04.2007
Despite some days off and the anticipation of the “Dance into May” here’s the new weekly report. Right on time! :-) This week we’ll report on the progress of the construction and a few other stories around the Wonderland.
The transition between the Wallis and Graubuenden areas

The second big construction site in the new Alps section is moving forward. Now with the summit readily shaped with fly screen the Matterhorn is taking shape. New layers of fly screen will be added next week.

Work on the big viaduct

We’re also working on the smaller mountains. The passage to Graubuenden is now coloured correctly. We’ll talk about the sense of the wooden stick in the mountain next week.

Wolfgang lays track along the bridge route

Wolfgang at his most beloved task: track building. This bridge will later be used by train crossing into the France/Italy section. This track will, until the completion of France/Italy, end in a turning loop but nevertheless the tracks have to completed now, as at a later point working will not be very comfortable here.

The Swiss highway construction site

Here’s a little foretaste of how the highway construction will look like. For testing we installed the first bridge piers and all the needed machinery into the installation. There are still a few details missing like construction workers and small machinery, but those were not necessary for the testing of the cranes which will move at the pressing of a button.

The small town of Brichur

We’re getting ahead in city building. The city of Brichur is getting more and more detailed.

Small corner building in Brichur

You can see the variety in the architectural styles very well.

Modern building styles meet historic structures

Here, like in real life, old and modern meets.

Modern glas structure between old buildings

The completion of this city will take a few more weeks as it has to be enlivened a bit more.

Miniature Wunderland's emergency backpack

Here you can see Stephano checking refilling our Emergency Rucksack. This became a regular task for some of our employees as well, as well as training in first aid. This way we want to guarantee the best possible care for our employees and guests in case of an emergency – which we hope will never occur.

Gerhard going blonde

Is Gerhards going crazy or does he try to replace his thinning hair with a toupee? We don’t know but we wanted to show you the picture nevertheless. :-)

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