Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

09.04.07 at 11:08 hrs

Weekly Report No 336, CW 14

From Monday, 02.04.2007 to Sunday, 08.04.2007
The long easter weekend is already over and that’s the right moment to present the new weekly report to you.
Bietschhorn mountain with maintenance doors

Last week we mainly worked on the subtleties of the Bietschhorn. The first service hatches were installed, ...

More details on the Bietschhorn summit

...a new bridge was fitted in and the rocks have been given greenery.

Detailing the Bietschhorn

Here you can see Harry (left) and Soenke (right) at their present main task.They are putting the finishing touches to the Bietschhorn in regards to colour and greenery.

Sönke in an uncomfortable working position

As you can see this work demands physical fitness as the working positions are not the most pleasant.

The skeleton of the Matterhorn summit

The Matterhorn is slowly taking shape.In last week’s report it was entirely wrapped in foil which had to give way for the fly screen.

Signs on a platform

The model makers are focused on the details.

A small news stall

At the moment they are working on the Porta Alpina station or to be more precise on the platforms with its information boards and stalls.

More bridges for the Wallis are needed

We are also busily working on finalizing the bridges.

Completed bridge

They are being varnished and detailed with sheet metal. After this step they will be weathered according to environmental influences.

The Smart si still on firm ground

During the Easter days we have started another fantastic campaign for our visitors. We raffled a very special Easter egg: the brand new Smart. As this little car is one of the smallest and environmentally friendly cars, we think that it fits just great into MiWuLa. Even before it was to be seen on real streets it was already whipping through the streets of the Wonderland. Thanks to the support of Smart we could raffle a real Smart for two. One had merely to answer a question and hand in the card with the correct answer to us. The box for the cards was located on the second floor by the Smart.

A Smart shortly before lift-off

But…wait…how do you get such a car onto the second floor? We agreed that the Smart could only be brought to the second floor by crane as our winches are too weak and the lifts too small. We welded a frame to securely transport the Smart to a makeshift balcony at the hatch of the second floor.

A Smart learns to fly

But where do you get a crane that fast? So we thought of the THW OV Mitte.

The Smart glides past the facade of the warehouse

The guys could actually help us as one of their trucks has a crane that is strong enough.

Soft touchdown in swindling heights

Very early on Thursday the guys were there and lifted up the Smart on the first try without problems.

The Smart is parked in the 2nd floor

On arrival on the balcony the Smart had to be taken to his final parking position.

The Smart is driven to its new parking lot

The way there was blocked by a wall but that is not problem for the Wonderland staff-it was torn down. As this was a very spectacular campaign it was accompanied by a TV crew. You can see the report on VOX on 17th April at 23.00 hrs.

The Smart in its parking lot

The little Smart will stay with us for the next 6 weeks and then leave the Wonderland the same way it came in. We want to say thank you to the THW OV Mitte for the fast help and the Smart Center Hamburg for providing the Smart.

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