Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

02.04.07 at 11:11 hrs

Weekly Report No 335, CW 13

From Monday, 26.03.2007 to Sunday, 01.04.2007
This week we’ll take a look mainly at the new building section and see what’s happened there
Greenery at Bietschhorn mountain

Besides the continuous plaster work at the Bietschhorn, we started with the greenery last week. Bit by bit the already plastered areas are now greened and detailed.

Openings for maintenance doors

The big holes in the mountains will be covered with service hatches (still under construction) this week.

The Matterhorn summit develops

We are also busily working and testing on the Matterhorn. The blankets are only for testing the look and the proportions of the mountain. We will definitely “stick” to our successful technique of using fly screen and plaster.

Wolfgang adds the small station

We’re as hard at work in the Graubuenden area as well. Wolfgang is at the moment working on the station throat so that the model-makers can erect the framework for the landscapes as they did on the passage between Wallis and Graubuenden.

Mountain framework in Graubuenden

That´s also the reason for the new perspective of the “Picture of the Hour” :-)

Greenery on the Bietschhorn

Here are a few pictures showing the detailing of the news Alps section.

Engine depot

Meanwhile the depot is nearly finished and the little village has been adjusted to the surroundings.

Engine depot with crane

Now the crane hsa its first test runs

Small village in Switzerland

The first running airplane prototype

A little glimpse of our “Top Secret” section. At the moment this prototype is doing its rounds on our test system. Gerrit installed into this airplane in very little time (2 hrs) the new landing gear including the power train and some electronics. Certainly the final airplanes will not be delivered in the exact same form, but we can use this vehicle to see and test if the new principles will work.

Long corridor to the lift in the 2nd floor

In conclusion, a few pictures from the 2nd floor.

Visitor area in the 2nd floor

On Saturday this area was opened to the public and is now housing 4 offices and a few workstations of the electronics technicians.

The new workshop area in the 2nd floor

Not all space is occupied yet but that will definitely change in the next days.

Another view of the workshop area

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