Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

26.03.07 at 11:17 hrs

Weekly Report No 334, CW 12

From Monday, 19.03.2007 to Sunday, 25.03.2007
Every Monday, we ask ourselves the question, “What we have done in the last week?” The advances in the current construction section are not as apparent to us as they may be for visitors.
Fortunately we have the weekly reports where we can document the weekly progress, and can also learn from you, our guest, what is most interesting for you.
The Bietschhorn mountain

The Bietschhorn has expanded further into the valley and already has started to reach the larger constructions, such as the Rohrbach-bridge and to the big viaduct.

The Matterhorn framework

Additionally, we also completed the "test-construction" of the Matterhorn. It was tested to check if the proportions fit each other and to show the model makers how the rough form of the mountain will look later

A glimpse into the 'underworld'

Here are a few perspectives, as it appears from under our Bietschhorn.

Maze of iron bracings

You may find it hard to believe, that in this chaos of bracings, you can still climb in to the derailed trains.

More tests for vegetation

In the previous week, further tests were done for the creation of the mountain vegetation in order to decide which style would look best.

Another test-piece related to greenery

The outcome was based on a mixture from both tests. We will show you the first vegetation-covered rocks in the next weekly report.

Building scenery in the Swiss section

Bobby and Stefan are installing terrain-structures, houses and details on the layout.

Bobby fits in more houses

The crane in the engine yard

The two-bearer run crane is definitely unique (shown in the week-report 332). It is installed on its place in the engine maintenance area.

Track work in Graubuenden

Also in the area of track construction and wiring the show goes on. At present, Wolfgang diligently lays the track in the Graubünden area.

Wiring a staging area

However, he must hurry up, because Lars and Lars want to connect the track to the current. At the moment they connect the staging area of Engadin.

Cleaning the 2nd floor

The second floor is nearly finished for the entry of the technicians.

New visitor area in the 2nd floor

The flooring is still missing but the boys have worked hard to get this ready for the weekend so that we can open the area to our visitors.

A small waterfall in the 2nd floor

A particular architectural highlight is the small waterfall, which may be used for the relaxation of our guests and co-workers. :-)

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