Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

19.03.07 at 11:21 hrs

Weekly Report No 333, CW 11

Form Monday, 12.03.2007 to Sunday, 18.03.2007
We are back with another new weekly report, but what we should show you? Let’s start with the new Alps section. The mountains are growing steadily and new concealed sidings have been completed. More houses and other details have been installed as well. Then there are the new modifications of the "old" construction sections, and the ongoing work at the airport. We also include a few current pictures from the second floor as well. We also include a video from the airport.
View of the Wallis

Here you can see that we are progressing deep into the valley by now.

Finishing touches to the Bietschhorn summit

. In the previous week, lines and riders were installed and there was still some alterations made on the structure of the mountains.

Bobby fits in more details

Now, also another surface with houses was inserted in the layout, which Bobby adjusts exactly to the landscape.

Trimming the landscape to the modules is hard manual work

If you look closer, you can see the first details!

A small village in the Wallis

Another staging area is created

Another staging area is prepared. Later this was installed below the area of Engadin and connected to the rest of the layout through the train-lift.

View of the future Engadin

Due to the many trains that are present in this area, we have built a two-story staging area with a small helix, in order to clear the necessary space.

The MiwulaLight Modules

Many of the regular visitors to the Miniatur Wunderland know that we still modify the "old" sections. The techniques of our model-makers are always improving, so we like to use their skills combined with new technology to constantly renew existing sections. For example, we rebuilt the lighting of the old sections completely with the MiwulaLight modules

Wired MiwulaLight Modules

These modules allow us, to adjust different lamp types like fluorescent lamps or discharge lamps. Additionally, these modules also offer the possibilities to connect servos or motor controls.

Airport section: The framework of the start catapult

Also at the airport, the development goes ahead continually.

The servo motor for the start catapult

The motor for the crab was delivered and we have installed it directly, so that the first tests can take place. In a small video, we recorded the tests!

Work continues in the 2nd floor

Also on the second floor we continued with the work. The entire area got a new paint, and the first lamps were installed.


Additionally, the sprinkler system and the ventilation system are adjusted in the new rooms.

The new office of the construction supervisor

Here one of the new offices, for the colleagues of the construction.

View from the new office

By these views, you won’t see them outside these rooms.

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