Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

12.03.07 at 11:24 hrs

Weekly Report No 332, CW 10

From Monday, 05.03.2007 to Sunday, 11.03.2007
To start the week punctually, here is our latest report.This week we begin with a few pictures of the most current topic, the construction of the mountains. Furthermore, we reveal some more details of the current section. Additionally, based on many requests, here are further photos of the extension of the second floor and of the stairway.
The Bietschhorn summit

In the last week, the scaffolding around the top of the Bietschhorns were removed, however, the finishing touches are still missing. The colour-scheme and application of the endless snow is still being worked out. The small details, such as the adventurous climbers, will follow later.

The Bietschhorn

At present, the model-builders are preparing the area below the top to build the mountain. There, vertical frames and iron beams must be installed so that the plaster also finds hold later. At said place, we will really see progress only in the next week.

Fitting in a small station in the Graubuenden area

We also continued in the area Graubünden. The bulk of the various subroadbeds were cut and installed. At present, the installation of a smaller railway station, which is almost ready, is being prepared.

Installing the first modules

The area of Brichur is a healthy amount of work for the model-builders. Bobby and Sönke have the first, complete module installed and adjusted it to the landscape.

Scenery module

This module itself was finished earlier, as already shown in the weekly report 316.

Scenery module

The last adjustments still have to be made but the inhabitants of this village won't have to wait long before they're allowed to move in!

A mini overhead crane

For the depot, as shown in the week-report 326, there will be not only small machines, but also a double beam overhead crane.

The bridge of the crane

This was built by Stephan, so that it can pick up a load and then move it in order to put down the load again at another point of the hall. On the photos, you can see the cables of the crane quite well.

The crane on his first test run

It is planned to lift a motor of a diesel locomotive from the undercarriage to another location in the hall.

A temporary wall at the stairs to the 2nd floor

If you go in the third floor into the new Alps-section, you will discover a dry-wall on the right side.

Last welding jobs on the stairs

Behind it, the new stairway is being steadily constructed on the second floor. At present, only the hand-rails are absent and the staircases are missing paint. When this area is finished, we can open it.

Completed staircase to the 2nd floor

However, you will (still) run into the next big construction site...

The location of the new cinemas

If you walked down the stairway, you see only a big construction site. To show you what’s coming up in this area, we present you with the following photos. You see exactly this area at first when you come down the stairway. Here, the new seminar-room with two new cinemas will be built.

The new workshop areas

Here you walk down the corridor of the 2nd floor in direction of the electronics workshop area. The left side will accomodate the carpenters and locksmiths.

Area for additional exhibits

The visitor will see a lot in this area. Here, we will set up the info-boards that detail the development of the Miniatur Wunderland, as well as some other interesting exhibits.

The electronics workshop

Here we are looking directly into the area where the electronic technicians and the future offices of our construction supervisor will be. Here we organize the work areas for those tasked with construction in the third floor so that more space for the visitors is available here..

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