Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

05.03.07 at 11:28 hrs

Weekly Report No. 331, CW 9

From Monday, 26.02.2007 to Sunday, 04.03.2007
The Alps continue to grow, with many small and large building sites tackled in the last weeks. Here we show you how far we are at the moment.
The Bietschhorn with openings for maintenance doors

Once the summit is prepared, further detailing will take place, like colorization, weathering and a bit of vegetation.

More streets and track appear in the Wallis

Of course, we also began to build in the deeper regions of the Alps section so that the mountain can "grow" further. Bobby and Gaston are balancing the tracks and arranging supporting walls

Bobby trimming the scenery to the trackwork

Bobby is seen here as he trims the surrounding landscape to the trackwork, making it look as if the track has been laid out on a dam.

Gaston builds in the supporting walls for the street

In reality, streets built on a hillside are often supported by stone or concrete walls. This is why Gaston builds in such supporting walls, too

First vegetation tests

Those who’ve built a model train layout know that you get better with experience; we are no different. Again and again, we try different techniques so that the Wunderland model trains and scenery look better. On photo 6 you can see such samples. Here, we have created vegetation with different materials for testing purposes. It was not so important to test simple colour combinations but to use the different textures of grass and see how it looked.

More houses are built in the workshops

Of course, a lot of these experimental techniques are also tried on miscellaneous buildings. A lot of handicraft is applied to details of the buildings, for example, the window frames.

The window frames are completely handcrafted

These are the windowframes of the building. They have to be treated individually to make them fit.

An animated tower crane

The tower cranes which can be moved by a complex mechanism (see photo 10), will be another highlight in the new Alps section.

The mechanics of a tower crane

With this system, it is possible to revolve the crane and move objects. Nothing stands in the way of the highway/bridge construction. :-)

New offices for the team supervisors

We are continuing to work hard on the second floor.

The offices for the construction team are almost ready

The new offices and sanitary facilities will be ready this week, and after that we will work at the rebuilding of the ventilation and the construction of the new cinemas.

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