Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

26.02.07 at 11:32 hrs

Weekly Report No 330, CW 8

From Monday, 19.02.2007 to Sunday, 25.02.2007
In the last 7 days we’ve worked on many small building sites simultaneously, however this lead to some confusion for our colleagues. :-) In this week we show you, that all components which we install in the layout, must be very durable.
The Bietschorn with maintenance doors

Mountains can still rise. :-)
In the Miniatur Wunderland it rises from top down instead of bottom up (if Newton would hear that, he would certainly feel vindicated). In the last week we not only created the mountains, we also worked at the color scheme - which is created in many passes and is very complex to lay on.

Wolfgang laying track on the large viaduct

Naturally we also continue to build the viaduct. Wolfgang is installing the track in this area, so that Gaston may add the missing railing and more details.

Setting up the framework in Graubuenden

We also continued in the Graubuenden area. There, the first subroadbeds and vertical frames were prepared and installed, so that we may soon install the tracks.

First bridges ate the Bietschhorn's foothills

Things are coming along in the Swiss Alps. Now the first smaller bridges have been created. Gaston and Sönke scratch built them to make sure no fine details are missing.

Small bridge - details

All those small details are not to miss out!

Holger completes more vessels for the Scandinavian section

Many visitors have asked what the situation is with the ships. We are working diligently at the control system, however, what is the use of a control system, if there are no ships?

Many wires have to be connected in such a ship

Therefore, Holger is our ship-agent. He takes care of all ships so that they are in sea-worthy condition and that they are adjusted to our technical standards. Here, he has the Black Prince in the dry-dock. This ship had developed a water leakage in the drive-section at the rear. The consequence of this was that he had to repair the whole body. Being completely made of wood makes the body very difficult to repair. Another problem was that the wood absorbs a bit of water as time passes. Therefore, the ship has a completely new skin of plastic and can now sail the seas stress-free.

Gerhard checks the bridge piers

What is Gerhard doing there? Why is he waving with the bridge piers?

The stress-test for every bridge

Quite simply, his scrutiny doesn't miss a thing. Every component which will be installed in the layout, is checked by him. He also checks the load capacity of the bridges, because you didn’t know if there will ever be a train of 60 kilograms in weight.

Will this bridge work?

Therefore, Sabrina and Kenneth had to help him with this test, if the timber bridge really can withstand this weight. You can marvel at the weight this little bridge can stand up to! ;-)

Construction progress in the 2nd floor

On the second floor there’s lot’s of activity going on. Here, new offices and work-areas for the technicians are built. Of course, we have a lot to do until the move. The ventilation must be installed, the electrical system must be laid, and the walls and blankets must get a new paint job.

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