Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

19.02.07 at 11:36 hrs

Weekly Report No 329, CW 7

From Monday, 12.02.2007 to Sunday, 18.02.2007
The topics of this week are: New colleague, lots of plaster and paint, test runs, and much more...
The Bietschhorn emerges

We have news from the Alps section: No, not the ongoing plastering but that Bobby and Harry have another reenforcement. Who that might be will be revealed in the next weeks. For now, the most important thing is that the work continues.

Bobby and Marina at work

The small opening at the right side of the mountain will later serve as a maintenance door for our technicians, enabling them to 'storm' the summit should there be need to do so! :-)

Narrow gauge staging yard

There were many discussions during the last weeks about which narrow gauge railroads we will model. Here we see a small collection of trains which will be seen on the layout later on. However, before running on the layout, they have to pass the test runs during which we can state the durability or diagnose the first material fatigues.

Many subroadbeds snake through the Wallis valley

This is a small overview of how far the building of subroadbeds came in the new Alps section. Meanwhile, the supports for villages introduced to you in the last reports, are prepared, as are the streets and river beds which will be created during the next weeks.

The old storage in the 2nd floor

Where are we now? This picture shows what the 2nd floor looked like two weeks ago. By that time, this area was a pure storage for our shop and bistro.

New rooms in the 2nd floor

Since two weeks, however, work is going on to convert this area into a new workshop area.

New workshops for our technicians

Our electronic technicians and our 'construction office' will find their future workplaces in this floor.

New cinemas and workspaces

Naturally, this floor will also be accessible for our visitors so that they can watch our creative team working and creating new ideas.

New surveillance cameras

Those who will visit us in the next weeks, might be a bit curious about the small white devices hanging over the layout sections. These devices are video cameras of a special form. They can be revolved and tilted which enables us to look into every nook and cranny of the layout and see from our control center which train is in trouble.

Freddy hands the title of ownership for the 5th building lot to Thomas Wieske

Last week we were able to hand over the 5th building lot of our charity auction to the new owner. Thomas Wieske of Messrs. Wieske Crew GmbH, won the 728 square centimeters at a sensational price of 11.161,11 EUR benefitting UNICEF. We whish the new owner a lot of fun planning his new lot and once again want to thank everbody for the extraordinary high total auction amount!

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