Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

12.02.07 at 11:39 hrs

Weekly Report No 328, CW 6

From Monday, 05.02.2007 to Sunday, 11.02.2007
The last week again passed way too fast but nonetheless, a lot has happened.

The mountains in the Wallis slowly grow.

Bobby plastering the foothills of the Bietschhorn

As working at a mountain range is very tedious, Bobby joined Harry to support him. From now on, Bobby will plaster the foothills of this mountain.

Right side of the Bietschhorn summit

The large viaduct

The viaduct is ready!

Gaston puts the finishing touches to the viaduct

Gaston applies the last details and weathering.

Small details of the viaduct

Gaston thought even of the smallest details

The small town of Brichur with its surrounding wall

last week we showed you the town wall which had been illumated by Sascha. Now this wall is located at its future place and protects the town against 'agressors'..

A small post office for Switzerland

Here also more and more small details appear. Manfred is just about to build a new post office for the Swiss section.

Maintenance shed for the engine service area

The buildings for the engine service terminal are almost ready.

Maintenance shed for the engine service terminal

In these halls, the mills and presses introduced in the last report, will find their locations. Stephan decided, however, to build an additional detail. What this might be will be shown next week.

The airport motor-control from the inside

The airport's motor control is almost ready! The only part missing in this casing is the PC-board with the logic. This will be ready in course of this week and implemented so that we can go ahead with the first test runs.

Under Construction

Oh well, originally we wanted to show a couple of pictures of our internet site but Stephan didn't find the time to amke some screenshots since he has his hands full to fill the frfontend with content. We hope, however, that we can show you more of the new internet presence in one of our future reports.

Parking offender of the week

Now let's turn to the topic 'Around the Miniatur Wunderland'. Last Friday the SAR helicopter 'Christoph 29' ( a Bell 212) landed in our parking lot. Of course such a flying device is alway of interest, especially when you see the pilot manouvering in even the thightest spaces. Nonetheless, we couldn't resist to play a little joke on them as you can see in the picture. The text says:'Parking offender of the week' :-)) We whish the crew of Christoph 29 always a good flight and very few alarms.

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