Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

05.02.07 at 11:42 hrs

Weekly Report No 327, CW 5

From Monday, 29.01.2007 to Sunday, 04.02.2007
Another week has passed and that means that a new weekly report with a lot of pictures is due.
The Bietschhorn summit

Last week, Harry "enlarged" the mountain a bit and also applied the base colour.

The first layer of paint on the Bietschhorn summit

Gaston still builds the large viaduct

Gaston spent some more time on the details of the viaduct.

The viaduct gets its typical stone face

The viaduct is nearly finished which means it can soon be built into it's final location.

Stone walls for the large viaduct

A small town wall

More and more details are produced for the new section and wait to be built in. Here we see the parts of a town wall which will be located in Brichur.

Tower crane for the highway construction scene in Switzerland

Last week we received a few tower cranes made by Wolffkran. They will be seen in action in the new Alps section where we'll have a highway bridge roadwork scene. Currently, a few colleagues are busy making a couple of "modifications" to the cranes.

Sönke adds the engine service terminal

The engine shed is slowly taking shape.

The skeleton of the engine shed

As already seen in the last report, we'll place some working lathes and presses into it. In this small video you can see that the tools actually work

The motor control unit for the airport's runway

Very often we are asked if there is any progress being made concerning the airport area. Currently, we are using this space to pre-mount hidden staging areas and a couple of villages but in the background the first control units are being built. In the picture you can see the front of the control case for the complete motor control of the runway. Stephano is responsible for it's conception and building. During the next few weeks, it will be knitted into Gerrit's controlling software in order to perform the first test runs.

The familiy visits their new building lot in the Wunderland

Last week the auction for the last three building lots ended.
Since lots #3 and #5 have not yet been officially handed over to their new owners, we can only show you the proud owner of lot #4. The new owners of building lot #4 are Sven Winger and his family. He paid 5,870.00 Euro for the 402 square centimetres. The money will be donated to "Kinder in Not" (a charity that cares for children) Mr. Winger doesn't yet know exactly which type of house he will build on his lot, but it will definitely be fitted out with a lot of LEDs, since he runs an online shop for these products. The total amount raised by this charity auction is unique. Summed up, the auctioned building lots formed an area of 3,054 cm2 and sold for overwhelming 29,853.11 Euros. This equates to an averages price of 97,750 Euros per square meter. All the funds raised have been transferred to the respective charity organisations. We once again thank everybody who participated in the auction and send our best wishes to the new owners.

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