Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

29.01.07 at 11:46 hrs

Weekly Report No 326, CW 4

From Monday, 22.01.2007 to Sunday, 28.01.2007
The mountain calls!!!
Last week we showed you how Harry started to make the Bietschorn look like a mountain. This week you can see the first results. Of course, we'll also share the progress on other buildings and scenes in this report. An additional highlight of last week was the auctioning of the first two building lots in the Wunderland. In this report, we'll introduce you to their new 'owners'.
The Bietschhorn summit

The Bietschhorn slowly shows contours. Last week, Harry was busy with the first test of the future look of this mountain.

The framework for the Bietschhorn summit

One can even see the first rock structures which later will of course be painted and highlighted.


Gaston is still busy giving the viaduct a natural look. Luckily enough, he doesn't need to glue down each stone individually; otherwise, we would have had to move the opening date a bit! :-)

The 'raw' Engadin

The areas of Engadin and Graubuenden are also making some progress

Lights in the skeleton of the Engadin

There shall be light, Stephano declared and the room lit up in the then darkest area of the Wunderland. Additionally, the steel bench work for parts of the Matterhorns were built in and Kai made the first sub-roadbeds.

Sascha illuminating a platform roof

In terms of light there's also some progress in the modelling area.

A platform roof, illuminated with SMD-LEDs

. Here you see Sascha illuminating the shelter roofs for Brichur station.

Two lathes in 1/87 scale

Small details are also still being built for the new section.

A hydraulic press in 1/87 scale

Last week, these lathes and hydraulic presses were created which - of course - are working.

A big lathe in 1/87 scale

Unfortunately, movement can't be captured in a photo! :-)

Freddy Braun transferring ownership of the first ebay lot to Jürgen Behr

As already reported last week, we auctioned off 5 building lots in our Wunderland for charity. On January 25th 2007 at 7:00 pm the first of the new owners was found. For the amount of 4930,00€, Jürgen Behr won "his" lot to benefit the organisation of "Ein Herz für Kinder!". As owner of an ebay-store, he coincidently stumbled over our auction and now won a dream of a building lot in the Ticino for his family. He has yet to decide with his family which house will be built, though.

Wolfgang Ahlers at his 1:87 lot

The second auction of a building lot for charity ended two days later on January 27th 2007. For the amount of 5252,00€, to benefit the "SOS Kinderdörfer", Wolfgang Ahlers won "his" new industrial site. As the owner of W. Ahlers Spedition (Transport), he'll certainly open an affiliate of his company there to assure the needed infrastructure in the Ticino. :-) We thank you for the massive participation in our auctions, and hope to collect even more money for charity.

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