Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

15.01.07 at 11:52 hrs

Weekly Report No 324, CW 2

From Monday, 08.01.2007 to Sunday, 14.01.2007
This week is almost exclusively devoted to the new Alps section. The emphasis is currently on model building, respectively exact planning of structures, as well as on illumination and some minor mechanical "toys".
View into the Wallis valley

During the last week Gerhard and Sönke started to build mock-ups of the piers that will later support the highway through the Wallis

Sönke setting up mock-ups at the highway construction site

This way, it is quite easy to find the exact dimensions and locations for the piers and plan the exact run of the highway.

A last crucial view from Sönke

Such mock-ups are built for almost every large project in order to highlight any mistakes during the planning phase. Only after everything fits and is approved will the original project be built.

Another view of the large viaduct

Here's a somewhat unusual view of the two bridges already set into their final places: The large viaduct is seen from an angle that will later only be seen on original Miniatur Wunderland pictures. The red markings seen on the bridge piers indicate the top of the future scenery.

An unusual view of the Langwieser Viaduct

The Langwieser Viaduct, from a frog's perspective. During the next week, the illumination and the painting will be the next tasks to accomplish.

A bridge for the Gotthard-line

The picture on the right shows the bridge for the Gotthardbahn. Gaston is currently giving it the final touches as far as painting goes. He is also working on a couple of refinements, for example - a small hatch in the middle part of the bridge to salvage a train.

The first risers for the Ticino are built in

The Ticino is also seeing some action. Nearly all risers for the future scenery are in and completed with the sub roadbeds. The next step here will be to install the electronics for the layout's illumination. After that, the scenery builders will be on the job again.

Sabrina needs a lot of patience here

Sabrina has a very special job these days...

A lot of manual work is needed

She builds many little storage boxes for grit.

A mini gritbox

As you can see, every little detail is thought of again.


For the electronic department, it means: building ligts into houses. Everywhere you look, there are little house with tons of wiring on the workplaces.

House with lighted signs

A speciality are the outside signs which are already lighted but not yet glued to the structure.

Lighting of a furniture shop

All house completed by the model builders are almost ready. As you can see, even the smallest detail is built in before the house is illuminated by the electronic technicians.

Lighting of a supermarket

...from another perspective

Our junkbox in the loco repair shop

Here's a small preview to one of the next reports. This blue case contains motors and skis that have been discarded due to them being defective. Over the last few years, we have acquired quite a heap. You'll read more about this later!

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