Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

08.01.07 at 12:00 hrs

Weekly Report No 323, CW 1

From Onday, 01.01.2007 to Sunday, 07.01.2007
On we go with the new year! Of course, everybody was busy during the first week of the new year. We would, however, like to start with a story from last year.
Meister Kaffee

During the Christmas season we had special support from one of our partners.

The historic sales cart of Meisterkaffee

Because of the cool temperatures and the anticipated long queues, the company Meister Kaffee came up with an excellent idea. During the Christmas period, a team from the company placed an historic wagon in front of our entrance and handed out free coffee specialities to our guests. Considering the really bad weather, this service was more than welcome and over 5000 cups of coffee were handed out. Once again, thanks to the team from Meister Kaffee for this unusual service! :-)

Wolfgang laying track

During the last week we started building the final staging areas for the Alps section. Here, Wolfgang is seen again in his element: laying track. Of course, strongly adhering to the plan, so that we don't run into any space problems. ;-)

Wolfgang in an arduous position when laying track

This staging area is intended for the branchline 6 and will later find it's place under the bench work table on the 4th floor.

Visible switch machines

Talking about place: in the staging yard where Lars is seen wiring the occupancy detectors, the switch machines had to be mounted on top because the whole yard will later be installed directly on the floor. This way, we can still change the switch machines without running into trouble.

Lars wiring the turnouts

Here we see Lars as he connects the last remaining turnout modules that will late ber controlled by computers.

Found in the depths of the layout

A small joke on the side: When we build a new section, the lines are given names like HB1 (Mainline1) or NB4 (Branchline 4). This section, however, is somewhat complex which is why we had to make up sub-sections like : 3-rail or narrow gauge. We don't know yet who made up the name in the photo above nor why he/she did it but we wanted to share this little joke with you. :-) FYI: Louis Trenker was a famous mountaineer way back in the 50's and 60's...

A tunnel portal for the Swiss Alps

The tunnel portal with the already modelled mountain scenery will find it's place in the area of the viaduct. To make it easier for Harry to apply the plaster and carve the final scenery, this foam mock up will give him a guideline.

The future place for the tunnel portal

This is the future location of the above mentioned tunnel portal

The viaduct in the Wallis valley

Over the last few days, Gaston, Kay, and Sönke have built in the viaduct. The height of the viaduct was chosen to anchor the piers on the next rigid platform. The lower third of the piers will be buried in the mountain scenery.

The Bietschhorn summit

Last week, for the first time in a long time, wire mesh was used again to cover the top part of this mountain. This wire mesh is used as a base for plaster which will later be carved to show the final structure. Right now, it is a bit difficult to anticipate the final look because Harry needs to run a couple of tests first. The structure of this mountain will be quite special.

The airport layout

Here's a first screen shot of the current airport layout. This is definitely not a final plan but just an appetizer since we know that you guys can't wait to see our first scribbles. In the middle area, just about everything is in trial order; the left area completely lacks the airfreight terminal and maybe the wharf. As far as the terminals are concerned, this seems to be the best solution with a view to having as many park positions as possible, to be able to realise a push-back, and have the longest possible layout-edge. It may look a bit too straight but complies the best with the givens and druthers. The public area in front of the terminals is also not yet ready.

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