Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

25.12.06 at 12:09 hrs

Weekly Report No 321, CW 51

From Monday, 18.12.2006 to Sunday, 24.12.2006
Christmas has passed and everybody prepares for the new year. This report will not yet resume the last year but instead we will have another look at our new building section:
A scaffolding test

Last week we installed the first working platforms to enable work on the mountains. Just how much these platforms have to endure can be seen in this picture.Each platform can carry 200 kg which enables two persons to work and move on it.

Planning work for the Swiss section

In this foto one sees a briefing between Gerd, Soenke, Kai, and Harry. Where have the step-on platforms have to go in order to reach even the highest peak of the layout?

Hooks for working platforms

The working platforms will later be hooked onto these hangers which also allows to move the platform to various positions. This immensely facilitates work on the layout and also the light technicians have a means to rech the lampholders on the ceiling.

Work on the Swiss section proceeds

Of course we also continue work on the Swiss villages.

Greenery in the new Swiss section

Here we see Bobby as he 'seeds' gras in order to give the models a natural look.

Special buildings for the Swiss part.

Looking at this house, one can see how we try to copy the prototype with all intricate details. Since such models are not available commercially, we will almost exclusively build these special structures into the new Swiss section.

Turnout control wiring

Apart from the modelling, the wiring also is a big issue...

Wiring of turnouts and signals

Even in such a fatiguing position as Lars is in in this picture, all turnouts, signals, and occupancy decoders have to wired.

Track diagram for the Swiss section

One can barely believe it but the first train already runs in the new section. Even in spite of the fact that the diagram is not yet complete, test runs were started.

Testing the dual-gauge turnout

Now that the dual-gauge turnout is built in, it is tested for durability directly in the layout.

Loco-lift test in the Swiss section

Yes, it moves! Our loco-lift made by Messrs. MÜT absolves a hard continous test since the last three weeks.

Loco-lift test in the Swiss section

During the last three weeks this loco lift was lowered and heightened some 6,000 times without any flaw. For the future 'real' traffic, it is absolutely essential that the lift is positioned exactly at the given marks.

Loco-lift test in the Swiss section

Trains don't really like it to rumble over a heel in the track since this would ineveitably lead to a capital crash...

The last report for 2006

Well, this was the last report for the year 2006. We hope that you had the as much fun as last year. We will be back with a new report the 02nd January, 2007. The complete team of the Miniatur Wunderland thanks everybody for the successful year 2006 and and whishes many happy returns :-)
NB: Harry, thanks again for the photo :-)!

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