Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

18.12.06 at 12:12 hrs

Weekly Report No 320, KW 50

From Monday, 11.12.2006 to Sunday, 17.12.2006
The only topic this week is christmas! Frank Zarges sent us a couple pictures which extremely well reflect the athmosphere of X-mas:
Castle Loewenstein at christmas season

The owners of Castle Loewenstein in Knuffingen -as last year- set up an extraordinary large and beautiful christmas tree. Photo: Frank Zarges

The Christmas Special-

Always an eyecatcher -

The Christmas Special

the Christmas Special train (built after a prototype by Gitta) passes through America. Photo: Frank Zarges

Demonstration of Santas

Uh oh, trouble seems to be ahead. Will christmas be cancelled this year??? Last week the following press release came to our knowledge:

PRESS RELEASE dd. 12/07/2006

The Multilateral Convent of Santa Claus (MCS) requests its own country.

The Americans grant asylum to their Santas at the north pole, the Danish in Greenland, the Swiss in the Black Forest, the Finish in Lapland, the Dutch in Spain and the Russians nowhere. "We Santa Clauses are tolerated, in December we are wanted, but in the end we are homeless", remarks the chairman of the MCS, Dr. Claus.

"This has to change", adds the Russian envoy Snegurotschka (in english Snowflake). During the last days, Santas from all over the world gathered in the Miniatur Wunderland and since then live on those 900 square meters. After centuries without a home and loniless in exile, the Santas found their praised land here. "This is the place, we want to stay and build up our own country.", she adds.

The Miniatur Wunderland received an official application of the MCS. This application contains, amongst a plea for land to found a Christmas Republic, a proposal for a constitution worked out by the christmas convent. The following points are requested in this proposal.

  • Monthly boxing day for children
  • No gifts of more than 50 kg in weight
  • Reeindeer hunting strictly forbidden
  • No more compulsory beards
  • Shampoo for beards will be paid for by the state
  • No reindeer - tax
  • No more gift - tax
  • Sleigh permit already from 16 years of age
  • All red and white cloth are free of charge for the citizens
  • Rehabilitation measures, too
Santa at work

But even in spiet of the above mentioned press release, we saw at least one Santa at work. Here he accelerates his sleigh in order to fetch the gifts for his next tour! :-))

Santa meets a bad boy

What's up here? I wonder if the little one got his hands on his gifts too early?!

A solemn Santa on the platform

What is Santa doing on this platform? Did he miss his sleigh???

Santa on the Eiffel Tower in Vegas

These pictures just came in from the country where Santa was invented...

Santa on the Eiffel Tower in Vegas

However, we couldn't find a clue why he climbs down the tower :-)...

The Hamburg X-Mas market with lots of visitors

of course, our christmas market in the Hamburg section must not be left in the cabinet during the season!

Christmas tree sale

There must be good prices for christmas trees. the booth is crowded!

Moose among christmas trees

This year, however, the dealer received a moose with his trees. Since a moose doesn't really belong in such a packed and noisy place, we'll bring him back to his Scandinavian wilderness next year!

Female Santa in short dress

In times of emancipation, we not only meet the traditional Santa but also female ones.She obviously ist not completely dressed up but looking at the current temperatures in the Wunderland, this is quite understandable.

Christmas in and around the layout

Not only the layout was decorated for the christmas season; our shop and bistro were extensively touched up. Here you can see that there is always a kid in a man's heart: Bobby built a huge Teddybear Christmas house and many small and grown up kids awed at it and were tempted to 'sack it in'...

Question of the week? The breakthrough...

This picture takes us to 'The question of the week' and the nwe building section. What can be seen on this picture? Enjoy guessing!
To conclude this report, the complete Miniatur Wunderland Team whishes all of you a nice and calm Christmas Season.

N.B. The next report will be issued 27.12.2006. The editors need a short vacancy! :-)

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