Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

27.11.06 at 12:21 hrs

Weekly Report No 317, CW 47

From Monday, 20.11.2006 to Sunday, 26.11.2006
This week we have a very diverse report: from private to the progress in the new Alps section to our x-mas preparatiosn, and, of course, about the Model Fair in Hamburg.
Gerhard Dauscher's birthday

Last week, our chief model builder Gerhard Dauscher had a round birthday...

Gerhard Dauscher's birthday

...but he certainly doesen't show his age.

Gerhard Dauscher's birthday

A happy birthday and go for the next 40 years!

Steel frame for the Matterhorm above the stairs

During the last week, our "webcam" showed the progress of a steel construction being built over the staircase.

Steel frame for the Matterhorm above the stairs

This construction will later be covered with the Matterhorn which the visitor will actually walk through when he changes from mthe 3rd to the 4th floor.

Steel frame for the Matterhorm above the stairs

However, Andreas made a slight mistake when welding the construction. One of the profiles should have been mounted the other way round, acoording to his drawings. Well, sh** happens! :-)

Porta Alpina tunnel in the Swiss section

The model builders also continued working on the Alps. The Porta Alpina station gets the concourses where later all the small citizens will buzz around.

Tracklaying in the Ticino area

In the Ticino area, the first pieces of track go down and the first risers for the scenery are also mounted.

Swiss vegetation

This green area is something special for our model builders since the grass is standing upright and thus gives the impression of a real lawn. Don't panic! Bobby didn't plant the grass individually as he did with the sunflowers. Our model builders test a device that lets the grass "grow". More about this in one of the next reports!

Preparing for christmas

Christmas looms around the corner again: it's the first advent next weekend.

Preparing for christmas

Slowly but surely we're getting in the mood for the season and re-animate the snow men and Santas which will add to the layout's population beginning next week.

Preparing for christmas

Santa with his reindeers is a natural must, of course!

The Miniatur Wunderland booth at the modelling fair

Last week, the Model Fair took place in Hamburg and, as last year, we also attended with our own booth.

Our mobile CarSystem

Again, we brought our mobile Car System which made the eyes of our visitors gleam.

The raffle at he fair

On our stage, big and small boys were competing in building an oval and run a locomotive on it. The winner took home two tickets for the Miniatur Wunderland. Photos of the winners will be shown on our internet site in the next days.

Tips and Tricks at the fair

As last year, some of our model builders and electronic guys were with us. Visitors were encouraged to ask questions and also received some tips and tricks.

A day at the fair

At these opportunities, some very nice conversations developed between "old hands" in the model railraoding scene and "newbies" which wanted to fulfill their dream of an own basement empire.

Model builders at the fair

These three days were a complete success for us and we will certainly attend again next year.

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