Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

20.11.06 at 12:23 hrs

Weekly Report No 316, CW 46

From Monday, 13.11.2006 to Sunday, 19.11.2006
Here's the new report. A bit late due to the preparations for the "Modellbauwelt" fair in Hamburg, but nonetheless with intersting pictures.
Test of station Churbriggen

The first larger buildings arrive at the new Alps section. The station "Churbriggen" is already in it's final location. It has to undergo a spell in the electronics department though, since it is not yet illuminated.

The new section grows: Now the Engadin

he new Alps section is constantly growing. Recently, the table for the Engadin was erected and now waits for tracks and scenery.

Modules for the Swiss section are built

A couple of small scenery parts are prepared outside the layout. Here, for example, we see part of the Wallis.

Modules for the Swiss section are built

Currently, these small 'modules' are built in the workshops to avoid climbing in the steel benchwork of the layout. Makes work a lot safer and more comfortable.

Modules for the Swiss section are built

The main part of the scenery will however be built directly on the layout (as usual). Kay and Söhnke are seen here how they prepare the next small module for a perfect fit in the layout.

Required perfection...

Speaking of perfekt: Of course, we make sure that everything is straight and level.

Required perfection...

There are, however, from time to time situations in which you keep asking yourself :" This can't be true, can it????" :-)

The technical  part of the layout: Booster

Now let's have a look at the tech department.
The last weeks saw a lot wiring work. The trains in the new section need a lot of current and digital signals from the tracks. Boosters are the means of supply here. They enhance the digital signals and provide current.
The boosters are made by Massoth and are especially built to our specifications. every booster has four outlets which provides 3A. For better maintenance and compatibility, we use this booster in the whole layout which sums up to 80 boosters. They provide a total current of 960 Ampere at 15 Volt. This adds up to a total power of 14400W.

The boss's favorite job: sorting cars!

Hey, what do you think, Freddy is doing there ?!

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