Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

13.11.06 at 12:26 hrs

Weekly Report No 315, CW 45

From Monday, 06.11.2006 to Sunday, 12.11.2006
Another hard and successfull week passed. Some parts remodelled, others created, many were tested; but see for yourself:
The control center before its extension

Every visitor of the Miniatur Wunderland knows this picture: our control stand. From here, our operators control and run the complete layout.

2.5 years ago we thought that we thought that we totally overdid it and the control stand was way too large. After all, we installed 34 TV monitors, 30 PC screens, and 6 operator workspaces.

Today we found out, that the control stand is far too small for futur tasks! We need more space for additional PC and TV monitors as well as 2 additional operator places.

Rebuilding and extension of the control center

All in all, we had to make room for 8 more PC screens and 10 TV monitors. In addition, the working space had to be extended to house the needed operator places.

Rebuilding and extension of the control center

But how are you going to change an envireonment if it is needed for daily routine and thus can't be switched off?

Rebuilding and extension of the control center

You simply substitute the night for a day. Within one night, the control stand had to be partially dismantled and the cables also had to be retracted.

Rebuilding and extension of the control center

Then, the new elements had to be adjusted to the existing control stand and built in.

Rebuilding and extension of the control center

That done, re-installation of the technical equipment should take place. However, there were times that night when we asked ourselves if it were feasable at all...

Extension of the control center

The next morning we knew :"Yes, we didi it!" The additional compartments are not equipped yet but the control stand was back to full operation at 6:00 hrs and the team could work as if nothing had happened. :-) With this extension all new sections, planned or under construction, can be centrally controlled.

Placement of the Langwieser Viaduct

During the last weeks we showed pictures about the progress, the Langwieser Viaduct is making. Last week, the bridge was built into it's final location in the Swiss Alps.

Bridge works in the Swiss section with Freddy and Gaston

Since Gaston needed a hand but nobody was around to help, Freddy had to jump in. As you can see, it worked out quite well!

Placement of the Langwieser Viaduct

The final detailling like railings and so on, will be done just before this section will be opened to the public.

Switzerland from a different viewpoint

This view of the swiss section is from a slightly different standpoint.

aus einem etwas anderen Betrachtungswinkel.

aus einem etwas anderen Betrachtungswinkel.

Ship control: new hardware

As announced last week, we also tested the ship control. After wiring the hardware (pic. 13), we tested vessel "Heike" in the water. Unfortunately, we forgot to shoot pictures.

Hardware - test

The first test were quite promising though and the vessel made a complete roundtrip through the basin. There were some minor mistakes in the hardware which have been eliminated in th meantime. More tests (this time with fotos) will folow next week.

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