Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

06.11.06 at 12:29 hrs

Weekly Report No 314, CW 44

From Monday, 30.10.2006 to Sunday, 05.11.2006
We had a very exciting week. We experienced a flooding due to a storm, Freddy and Gerrit were invited to Johannes B. Kerner at the TV-station ZDF, and of course a couple of new constructions and refurbishments. But see for yourself:
Flooding in the Speicherstadt

Wednesday 11.01.2006, the whole Speicherstadt reports flooding! Really the whole Speicherstadt?

Flooding in the Speicherstadt

Of course, not! The Miniatur Wunderland wouldn't be the Miniatur Wunderland if it couldn't react to those unforeseen problems. Although the complete Speicherstadt was banned for traffic, the daily routine continued in the Wunderland.

Storm flooding in the Speicherstadt means morning exercise for the team!

A small drawback though: All goods that are normally delivered to our ramp, had to be received in front of the bridge over the canal separating the Speicherstadt from the city. So Olli and Frank had a lot "sports exercises" this morning! :-)

Interview at the Johannes B. kerner Show with Freddy and Gerrit

The same day saw another planned highlight. Freddy and Gerrit were once again invited to Johannes B. Kerner's TV show.

The bosses at the Johannes B. Kerner Show with Jörg Pilawa

This time with one of our prominent fans of the layout: Jörg Pilawa with his father-in-law Prof. Horst Opaschowski.

The camera-team of Johannes B. Kerner

In order to provide the guests and viewers some impressions of our layout, we brought our small mobile layout which was immediately surrounded by the camera men who staged a competetion about who would find the funniest detail.

An overview about the new Alps section

A view from the 4th floor down to the new Alps section shows that already a lot of trackwork snakes through the future Alps. Luckily, the team still has an overview.

Layout planning by Freddy and Gerrit

Freddy and Gerrit in their element again: here they plan the contours for the airport, so that Gerd and Gerrit can start drawing the plans for tracks and the Car System.

The new battery chargers in Knuffingen

Last week, we announced a new charging station for Knuffingen. Within one night the new station was built into place, including new walls, electronics, electricity, and altering the existing streets. This way, the normal traffic could run flawlessly the next morning.

Building the Langwieser Viaduct in the Swiss section

Since three weeks now, Gaston is building the Langwieser Viaduct.

Building the Langwieser Viaduct in the Swiss section

Here,one can already recognize the first details of this bridge.

Building the Langwieser Viaduct in the Swiss section

The next steps now are painting the bridge with it's natural color and, of course, all the small details that Gaston's bridges are famous for!

Ship control and hardware in the test lab

This week, we have picture for the topic "Ship control". For some time now, this ship is being tested in the "dry dock" to eliminate last mistakes in the hard- and software. In a couiple of days, the ship will go to water for final tests in it's element.

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