Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

30.10.06 at 12:33 hrs

Weekly Report No 313, CW 43

From Monday, 23.10.2006 to Sunday, 29.10.2006
Everybody is busy building the new section and also fitting in the first new structures.
The raw substructure of the Langwieser Viaduct

In report 311 one could see Gaston with the first parts of the Langwieser Viaduct. This week one cleary see that the raw bridge is nearly ready. gaston seems to have a lot of fun ! :-)

In the making: the Porta Alpina tunnel in the Swiss section

The Porta Alpina station also makes progress. Here you can see that a tunnel segment received an addional deck made of acrylic glass.

Working on the tunnel segments of Porta Alpina station

The remaining tunnel segments are not forgotton.

Working on the tunnel segments of Porta Alpina station

Harry works on the interior design.

Wiring the helix in the Swiss section

During the last days, many tracks have been laid out which includes the helix leading to the uppermost stair of the staircase between 3rd and 4th floor. Lars is seen here how he wires the occupancy detectors and track feeders.

Recharging station for cars and airplanes in Knuffingen

Visitors who booked a backstage tour may recognize the covered area in this picture. It is the charging station for the vehicles running through the Knuffingen area.

The new recharging station for cars and airplanes

Since this station will also have to care for the future airport extension, it has to grow. Moreover, it also has to be rotated in order to have a better view over the future airport. Therefore, Gerrit decided to build a completely new charging station, which now can charge 32 vehicles simultaneously.

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