Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

23.10.06 at 12:36 hrs

Weekly Report No 312, CW 42

From Monday, 16.10.2006 to Sunday, 22.10.2006
Today, we're going to peep into the workshops. Since there is a lot of trackwotk to be laid, the model builders are still in a waiting position until they can go full speed. Tracks don't like dirt and so they will be covered before the model builders get their "OK" to start. In the meantime, many things are prepared in the workshops.
Our paint workshop

Stefan Dombrowski paints a couple of vehicles. Most of them are integrated in the design they have been delivered in (after they have been weathered and got their licence plates) but some special whishes of the model builders have to catered for from time to time :-).

A house for the Wallis in the Swiss section

Bobby details a house for the Wallis area in the Swiss section. Each wall has to be 'erected' very accurately since all houses are located in differents heights in the upcoming village.

Building houses for the Wallis

Nathalie works on a village where every house is located on a different height level. This makes it essential to make every wall of a house fit very accurately to the surrounding scenery-height.

Illuminating the first Swiss houses

The first houses already arrived in the illumination department. Wöhlke and Kenneth together with Sascha and few more will have to build some 5,000 LEDs into the houses.

Calculating and marking the altitudes in the Swiss section

Since the main area makes good progress, we started work on one of the peninsulas.

Calculating and marking the altitudes in the Swiss section

Here, the Ticino will be located. Christian laid out the 1:1 prints and now draws in the exact heights. In the next step, Sönke and Kay will saw the risers that later support the scenery.

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