Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

09.10.06 at 12:41 hrs

Weekly Report No 310, CW 40

From Monday, 02.10.2006 to Sunday, 08.10.2006
A new week and a new report; this time with the question: 'What do plumbers have to do with model building?'
The Porta Alpina tunnel

Which is the best method to built a tunnel for the Porta Alpina?

The Porta Alpina tunnel

After long discussions and a lot of thinking, our plumber came by with a 15" water drain to be built in into some other place. Immediately, the drain was confiscated and sawn into halves. Well, sometimes you simply need an idea!

Overview of the Swiss trackage

Last week, more and more connecting tracks were built that later on will snake through the mountains. In addition, we are currently building the subroadbed for the connection between the Alps-section and the 4th floor.

Building the runway for the airport

The airport area is also occupied by workers now. First task will be the testing of starting and landing airplanes.

Building the runway for the airport

Shown here is the benchwork for the start- and landing area.

The parts for the lamp posts in Hamburg harbour area

Last week we had a picture asking "What could this be?". Well, here is the secret's solution:

The lamp posts for the Hamburg harbour modernization

The bowls contained the parts for new lamps in the old layout sections. The lamp posts will now be painted and built into port area of the Hamburg section.

Derailment in the Hamburg section

During the weekend we had a spectacular train crash in the Hamburg section. Due to a blocked turnout, an ICE slammed into a waiting freight train from the back. The ICE simply threw a couple of freight cars onto the tracks below the bridge. However, the traffic on the lower tracks was not at all affected since the catenary held the freight cars up in the air...

Derailment in the Hamburg section

he upper tracks were only blocked for 5 minutes because of the brave behaviour of our train operators who cleaned up the mess in record time and thus made sure that both trains could continue on their (almost) regular schedule.

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