Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

02.10.06 at 12:43 hrs

Weekly Report No 309, CW 39

From Monday, 25.09.2006 to Sunday, 01.10.2006
This week, the emphasis is on planning the layout.
Planning and building the Ticino in the Swiss section

Last week the Alps-section was extended: the benchwork for the Ticino had been erected and the plans have been attached to it.

Planning and building the Ticino in the Swiss section

During the next days, the trackwork will be laid and first structures for the scenery will be formed.

Gitta 'wrestles' with the track plans in order to integrate them into diagrams

Where many tracks will be laid out, the computer later on has to control them. This is, why Gitta already sits in front of the computer and transfers the paper layout to the controlling software "Railware".

Control system for the Swiss section

The most important point here is that the diagrams on the screen must be easy to follow and understand. A matter that cost Gitta a couple of her red hair since this is not *that* easy in the Alps-section! :-)

Planning of airport and relocation

This is Gerrit in full action. Since the airport with his ramps and taxiways grew a bit in size, some existing layout parts had to be changed and extended.

New recharging station

Here, he broods over the plan for the new re-charging station of the Car System which will later serve the vehicles of Knuffingen and the airport.

Modelling equipment for...

Now back to the picture "What could this be". :-)

Battery recharging station in the Wunderland

Every so often we were asked by visitors if we had an outlet to plug in the charger for the camcorder or the digital camera. Only problem was we didin't have enough outlets to plug in all the chargers. Now we found a solution: Our scratch-built "free-of-charge battery gas station". We built in chargers for all common camcorders, mobile phones, and digital cameras. Additional oulets also allow to plug in private chargers.

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