Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

18.09.06 at 12:50 hrs

Weekly Report No 307, CW 37

From Monday, 11.09.2006 to Sunday, 17.09.2006
More than a week has passed since the last report and yes, many things happened. One of them was that the interpreter suffered from a capital flue and is now slowly recovering...
A view from the Miniatur Wunderland over the canal

First, here's the reason for this late report: At such a nice weather, the editor had to take off for the last days of his annual vacation! ;-)

The first helix in the new Swiss section

During my absence the other guys continued building the new alpas section. Last week, the first "small" helix which will be covered by mountains later on, was built. Same goes for the subroadbed to Porta Alpina.

Preparations for the Engadin

Six weeks ago, a couple of workshops and offices for technical developments were located here. Now this area is prepped for the Engadin.

Preparations for the Engadin

Now this area is prepped for the Engadin. In this area, the Rhätische Bahn stands in for the prototype, including double-gauge (3-rail) track and turnouts. As for scenery, we'll include a huge concrete plant, plus a water reservoir with a flooded village.

Area 51 for the American section

In the last report (pic. 5), ...

Area 51 for the American section could admire an item that now is integrated in the American - section.

Area 51 for the American section

We now have a brandnew and larger Area 51.

A train wreck in Hamburg

Here we have an example from the category "spectacular train accidents".

A train wreck in Hamburg

Pictures 8 and 9 show how fast a small track cleaning car can stop all traffic in Knuffingen main station.

Derailed crocodile

In pictures 10 and 11 the "crocodile" had a hefty bite of catenary and also moved it a couple of inches.

Derailed crocodile

Consequences were that the traffic stopped completely in this area, too.

Cave-carving in the Swiss section

Topic "What could this be?": Now you can see how the detailling starts.

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