Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

11.09.06 at 13:17 hrs

Weekly Report No 306, CW 36

From Monday, 04.09.2006 to Sunday, 10.09.2006
During the last week, massive building and rebuilding activities took place. Here we have a couple pictures covering the work.
Porta Alpina trackwork

The right of way for the underground station (HB8) is now mounted on the benchwork. The prototype for this station is Porta Alpina, a station which will be built right in the middle of the Gotthard-massive in Switzerland. At the prototype, the passengers use a 800 meter high lift to reach the surface or change trains in the underground station. This station is now integrated in the layout and will later be seen through a plexiglas window.

Skeleton of the airport

Since parallel to the Swiss section we also start the airport section, a couple rebuilding measures have to take place.

Old loco workshop

Next week, the old loco repair shop will be dismantled to make room for the runways.

New workshop near the control stand

After giving it some thought we deceided to relocate the loco workshop close to the control center so that visitors can watch the action in it.

A part that goes into the American section

The 'old' sections are also under continous modernization. The part shown here will find its location in the American section during the next week. More pictures will be delivered next week.

Work on the cave

Now the topic "What could it be?" continues: in this foto you can see the first structures which are handcarved.

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