Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

28.08.06 at 13:21 hrs

Weekly Report No 304, CW 34

From Monday, 21.08.2006 to Sunday, 27.08.2006
Let's start into a new week! We all recovered from our birthday party and are fully back to work. A couple of fotos show the progress:
3-rail test track in the Swiss section

In one of our last reports we introduced the test track for the 3-rail (regular-narrow gauge) track which also includes a handlaid 3-rail turnout.

3-rail test track in the Swiss section

Meanwhile, the test track is too small since we integrated some more components to test. Amongst others, we have a rail-change to allow narrow gauge trains to change from the right to the left rail.

Testing the 3-rail turnout

The turnout is still in testmode and was thrown more than 25.000 times in the meantime.

Steel framework for the Swiss mountains

The alps now really start growing. Since last week the benchwork for the mountains covering the staging areas is welded.

Steel framework for the Swiss mountains

Of course the wooden risers which will show the profile of the mountains, are still missing but you already can anticipate the future dimensions of this area.

Testing the control units

The controlling techniques also slowly move into the new section. Here the modules for track occupancy and turnouts will be mounted and tested.

What is this?

During the next weeks, we will show a picture which documents the progress of a very interesting object for the section. Maybe you already have an idea what it will be?

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