Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

14.08.06 at 13:26 hrs

Weekly Report No 302, CW 32

From Monday, 07.08.2006 to Sunday, 13.08.2006
This week we have a combination of two reports. This report shows a couple of pictures of the building progress and in report 303 we'll show you pictures from our birthday party! Enjoy! :-)
Building a riverbed in the Swiss section

In report 301, pic. 1 and 2 we saw the benchwork for the small creek underneath the main station in Switzerland. Right now, the model builder are about to build the creekbed which later will be filled with clear resin.

Building staging areas in the Swiss section

More and more staging areas find their final destination underneath the (future) Swiss Alps...

The old development department

Now a short peek backstage. Last week we had definitely no time to write a report since the development dept. had to relocate.This was the old office,

The new development department

... and this is the new one. We still know very well where our bones are located (moving material *can* hurt) ! :-)

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