Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

07.08.06 at 13:28 hrs

Weekly Report No 301, CW 31

From Monday, 31.07.2006 to Sunday, 06.08.2006
During the last week, many BIG and small things happened. So here's a report about the layout and about what happened around it!
Canal construction in the Swiss section

Now the model builders are allowed to put their hands on the new swiss section. Here a small creek is created. You can see the canal that has been fitted into the layout.

Canal construction in the Swiss section

This canal will be taken out again to pour the "water". In addtion, the needed bridges and viaducts to cross the creek are built.

The subroadbeds along the wall in the Swiss section

Here we see the connections between the staging areas and the large station. Unusual for us is that the subroadbed has been mounted to the wall. In front of theses tracks the metal benchwork for the highest mountains will be erected.

Finished houses for the Swiss section

At the same time, the model builders prepare a lot of objects for this new section. Here we have the first structures in "swiss look".

Finished houses for the Swiss section

'Smoked' booster from the layout

Here you can see the consequences of an overload of a booster board...

Burnt out booster

In this case, the booster could not recognize a short created by a locomotive which in turn created a way to high current for the booster. The consequence was that the booster sent "smoke signals" and burnt out ;-). Thank God we have enough smoke detectors underneath the layout which immediately jumped on and avoided a larger damage. However, for a short time we had to shut down all traffic on this booster's section.

Film shooting in the Miniatur  Wunderland

Quite often we are asked what we do at our night shifts. Well, most of the time, we clean the layout and make repairs.

Film shooting in the Miniatur  Wunderland

But from time to time, it happens that a film crew also works here. The session shown here was somewhat elaborate, with a camera crane and all the equipment needed for a large production.

Film shooting in the Miniatur  Wunderland

We even had to dismantle the railings in front of the Landungsbruecken and the AOL arena to enable the camera an unobstructed fly-over. This shooting was not for TV but for image film for the town of Hamburg.

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