Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

31.07.06 at 13:31 hrs

Weekly Report No 300, CW 30

From Monday, 24.07.2006 to Sunday, 30.07.2006
The 300. weekly report is here!
We first thought to create a special report but came to the coclusion to deliver a "normal" report and make a special one in 2 weeks's time when we celebrate our 5th anniversary ;-)
A Swiss station is fitted into the benchwork

It's getting narrow in the new Alps section. Now that the swiss "central station" is completely wired, it is fitted into it's final location.

The narrow gauge staging waiting to be wired

In the center of the room, another staging area for the narrow gauge line is built and the technicians prepare the decoders for their connections.

Decoders for signal and turnout feedback

All in all, more than 1000 occupancy detectors and turnouts will have to be conencted to the decoders.

Gerhad Dauscher plans the scenery

A well known face will be seen on a daily basis from now on: Gerhard Dauscher, our chief planner. Since this section is one of the more complicated, Gerhard decided to stay in Hamburg until completion of the swiss section.

Gerhad Dauscher plans the scenery

Here, he plans the scenery structure of the station area.

The Airbus A 380 at low altitude over the airport

Of course, the latest model of Airbus Industries - the A380 - is also presented.

The (future) airport decorated with planes

„Yes, they fly!“ To give our visitors an impression of the airport section, we hung 12 airplane above the airport area. The planes have been provided by Airbus Deutschland GmbH.

A web cam's view into Switzerland

And, last for today, a picture of our "Web Cam“. Freddy is seen here giving an interview to the TV-station "Kabel 1". Since the beginning of the Alps section, Kabel 1 stays with us. In the end, they will produce a documentation covering the construction of this section.

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