Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

10.07.06 at 13:42 hrs

Weekly Report No 297, CW 27

From Monday, 03.07.2006 to Sunday, 09.07.2006
Although a couple of interesting sport events took place last week, we didn't drop work alltogether. What exactly happened is shown in the following pictures:
Wiring a staging area

As already said last week, the station has to be wired. We are well under way as can be easily seen. What looks like "just a couple of tracks" is a very extensive planning and logistics job! When finished, we'll have almost a mile of wires here!

Staging in the Swiss section

Report 296 picture 7 showed how the welders tried to locate the right psoitions for the metal supports.

Staging area ready for wiring

Here, the first staging area is already dropped in. Now, the electricians and electronic guys are next again.

'Some wires' for a staging area

This "small" heap of wires is just needed for track occupancy detection. They have to be connected to their respective electronic modules.

The steel frame for a staging area

The next metal benchwork is also growing. In a couple of days we'll see the first tracks in this place.

Draining the Scandinavian basin

Oops! What happened? No more water in the "North-East Sea"?

'Low tide' in the North-East Sea

The whole basin was empty and the saying of "flying fish" became a completely new meaning, but why?

Cleaning the basin

My mates told me very soon: After half a year of constant usage, the basin had to undergo thorough cleaning and a complete water change was nessessary.

Cleaning the basin

Even in spite of the extensive filter- and cleaning technique built in, this measure has to be taken since during long-term usage the filters may be blocked by small particles.

Cleaning the basin

So: off into the basin and let the scrubbing begin; a task that takes all night. But as you can see in the pictures we had a lot of fun doing it!

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