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26.06.06 um 13:48 Uhr
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Weekly Report No 295, CW 25

From Monday, 19.06.2006 to Sunday, 25.06.2006
Hello from sunny Hamburg. In the last reports we showed our topics for the soccer championship. Today, we we'd like to return to the building action in the new Alps- and airport - sections!
The railing in the Swiss section

In report 294, pict. 12 we asked you what it could be. Well, here's the answer: It was one of the supoorts for the new railing in the alps - section.

The railing in the Swiss section

As you can see in the pictures, the railing is nearly finished except for a bit cdetailling and cleaning up.

The plans with height markers for the Swiss section

There's a lot happening in the Alps - section although one doesn't really see any progress. The layout plans have been updated with the height dimensions so that the benchwork can be welded and set up accurately.

Re-modelling for Switzerland

Regular readers might want to ask: What do you want to tell us with these pictures? Simple: we need space! :-)

Re-modelling for Switzerland

Later, we need a mountain in this area and so we had to "relocate" the staircase a bit...

Handlaid turnout

And now something really special for our model railroad pros: What do you need if you want to combine regular and narrow gauge?

Handlaid turnout

Yes, turnouts (switches)! Unfortunately, the type of turnout we need is not commercially available and so we had them especially made for us.

Handlaid turnout

If you take a closer look, you'll see how complicated and fragile the trackwork actually is.

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