Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

19.06.06 at 13:50 hrs

Weekly Report No 294, CW 24

From Monday, 12.06.2006 to Sunday, 18.06.2006
Well, what happens if you're abroad for a week? Germany is covered by a sea of black-red-golden flags :-)
And that reminds me that I forgot to mention an important detail in the weekly report of two weeks ago!
Our championship special made by Gitta

Our Championship Special!
Gitta, our specialist for unique train themes (aka Controlstand witch) reminded me. How could I forget this? She already startet in March this year to build the first cars for this train.

Fans in front of a broadcast screen on of the cars

This special tours the Hamburg section since April.

Blue Goal on the CS-Special

The cars depict all themes belonging to a soccer world championship: from the fan-fest to the flags of all qualified nations. Here it is a Blue Goal on a flatcar.

Our keeper on a special car

Our keeper who certainly will keep his goal 'clean'!

The feast on the special train

The championship feast on the special train. Victory!!! Hooray!!!

The national flags of the teams on the train

The national flags of the teams on the train. But something is missing...

Our dream-final on the special train

Right: the teams for the "dream-final" on July 9 in Berlin.

The national team on the special train

But one very important detail was still missing until last week!

The orginal class 101 in Championship livery

The orginal class 101 in Championship livery...

A present of the Deutschen Bahn, class 101 in championship livery

which we received as a present from the Deutsche Bahn beginning of last week!

The orginal class 101 in Championship livery

Those who want this loco on their own layout should have a quick glance at the next Bahnshop ( the official shop of the Deutsche Bahn AG).

What is this?

Now a picture from the new Alps (Swiss) section! Who knows what this is?

First stage of the Swiss main Station

Some info for those who closely follow up the "picture of the hour": This is the main station of the Swiss section. It will be wired in the next days and integrated into an exisiting benchwork after that.

A staging area for the Swiss section after wiring

This picture shows one of the "smaller" staging areas for the narrow gauge line. It is placed upside down on saw horses so that our electronic guys can wire it. This way it is a lot easier to integrate the staging area later on since it "only" needs to be wired to the layout. Our electronic department likes an easy life! :-)

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