Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

05.06.06 at 13:54 hrs

Weekly Report No 292, CW 22

From Monday, 29.05.2006 to Sunday, 04.06.2006
"Welcome at friends" This is the common slogan in Hamburg for the time being due to the soccer world championship. Why should it be different in the Hamburg part of our layout?
Blue Goals in the Miniatur Wunderland

During the night, the "real" town of Hamburg is illuminated by countless "Blue Goals". Well, this is no thing to be missed on the layout and so Freddy gave the "building permission" for roughly 30 "mini Blue Goals" in the Hamburg section!

The Laser show from St. Michaels to the Blue Goals

Last Friday, we added another attraction! A laser (sponsored from Bocatec) sends it's beam through two "Blue Goals" every night.

The laser seen from St. Michaels

This time, we were even faster than the prototype, since in reality the permission to connect the goals via laser is only valid from Friday, 06/09/2006.

The championship feast in the Miniatur Wunderland

What does a soccer fan (and at the same time a Miniatur Wunderland fan) do if a game is broadcasted but he wants to see the exhibition at the same time?

The championship feast in the Miniatur Wunderland

Well, that's easy: he simply joins the crowd around our "open air screens" ...

Live braodcast of the championship to the Wunderland screens

because all games are shown live and so there's no need to be worried about missing out on important news.

The Miwulanians in soccer championship fever

Of course, he's also allowed to join in "La Ola" waves and waving flags!

The AOL Arena infected by championship fever

The experienced visitor has a question now: What do you do with the AOL-Arena? Of course, we didn't forget about this. Just like the prototype, the lettering has been removed and for each new game, the FIA Championship Stadium will be fitted with fans of the participating teams.

Championship preps in the workshops

To achieve this, about 20,000 flags(!) had been handcrafted. And yes, every game of the chanpionship is broadcasted live, so the visitor won't miss a thing!

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