Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

22.05.06 at 12:59 hrs

Weekly Report No 290, CW 20

From Monday, 15.05.2006 to Sunday, 21.05.2006
A special anniversary is closing in on us with giant steps: Only 10 more weeks until the 300. weekly report!!! But we're not that far and so we have a look at the actual events:
The HSH Nordbank Run: Not without us!!!

Not quite up to date anymore since it happened last Saturday but nonetheless an important contribution:

Saturday, 05/13, the HSH-Nordbank - Run took place for the 5th time. Like in the years before, it went through the construction sites of the Hafencity to the Speicherstadt and back. The Miniatur Wunderland participated with a team of 10 and was one of the few teams to arrive as a group; well => it was not really difficult with a run length of only 4 km :-)

The HSH Nordbank Run: our team

467 teams competed. At 12:02 the Wunderland was the second team to tackle the run... For each completed kilometer 1 € went to the Abendblatt (a newspaper) action "Kinder helfen Kindern" (Kids help kids). More than 50,000.-- Euros were collected!

MV Cap San Diego in Scandinavia

Scandinavia has one more vessel:

MV Cap San Diego in Scandinavia

The "Cap San Diego" will soon sail the North-East-Sea (right now, the engine and the lighting is missing).

MV Cap San Diego in Scandinavia

The prototype today serves as a musuem and small hotel. It is moored to the "Ueberseebruecke" (Overseas-bridge) and is a unique piece of a nearly vanished era of seamanship. The freight vessel is located in his old native port of Hamburg since 1986 and is a "hands-on" museum.

The airport's benchwork

If you enter the airport-section in the 4th floor today, you are nearly "drowned" by the massive area, this topic will occupy. The table is levelled out and now reveals how large 150 m² [1350 sqft] ( and this is not the complete area) really are.

The area for terminals and and plane parking

In this area, the terminals and and taxiways will be located.

Benchwork for terminals and taxiways

Benchwork for terminals and taxiways

Benchwork for the runways

15 Meters (45 feet) endless scenery - enough space for runways!

Room lights in Switzerland

The "picture of the hour" already revealed it: the sun is shining in the swiss section!

Ceiling still without lights

Hmmm, ok, not everywhere but...

Lamp holders for room lighting

... the team around Sven Hinzman still has enough to do!!!

Stairs from 4th to 3rd floor

It can happen that the large stairway is closed for the public. In such a case, important work is done - this week, for instance, the missing tiles will be laid at the bottom of the stairs.

First staging yard for Switzerland

The first staging yard for the Swiss sectrion,

First staging yard for Switzerland

which is now safeguarded form dust...

First staging yard for Switzerland

... waits to be built into its final location underneath Switzerland.

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