Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

01.05.06 at 14:20 hrs

Weekly Report No 287,CW 17

From Monday, 24.04.2006 to Sunday, 30.04.2006
""May has come..." and the Knuffinger Anzeiger reports spectaculars news: The first Airbus A380 was delivered!

Not only the airport reported progress, other working pits also near their completion.
Alps: mini-expansion

The "Mini" extension of the Alps in section 1.3 slowly take shape.

Alps extension with hole?

Frequent visitors of our model building section will certainly have an idea by now what the hole is for...

Fancy lights???

Many fancy lights???


..... more of them?


Yep, even more...,

What are they for?

But what are they for?

What's this?

And what about this strange "clock"? Questions over questions...

Lamp holders for the Swiss section

Meanwhile more and more material for the new building section is coming in. Here we have the lampholders for the "day-night" simulation.

Material for a staging area

The first staging area. Hmmmm, well, ok, not yet finished.... but time will tell ;-).

Construction of the balcony in Switzerland

The purpose of the holes...

Construction of the balcony in Switzerland the new section now becomes clear...

Construction of the balcony in Switzerland

as the balcony protrudes from the wall.

The break-through from Austria to Switzerland

Oh yes, the hole-topic: The hole with the window between Austria and Switzerland had to be closed temporarily.

The break-through from Austria to Switzerland

Since we have two different fire sections here, a window made of a special glas -now in production- has to be built in.

Hole of an old air-condition funnel

And yet another hole is closed: At this location we had an unused climate shaft. We shaved it and thus extended the visible area.

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