Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

17.04.06 at 14:26 hrs

Weekly Report No 285, CW 15

From Monday, 10.04.2006 to Sunday, 16.04.2006
The ceiling-removal deliverd a couple of impressive numbers which I would like to present to our readership:
  • 70 (630 sqft) floorcover (Tiles, 5 cm [2"] Asphalt, Insulation) 10 cm [3.94"] = 7 m³[567 qbft] debris = 20 metric tons
  • 70 (630 sqft) steel armored ceiling = 14 m³ dirt = 35 metric tons
  • 20 m [65 ft ] steel armored beams = 3,5 m³ [283,5 qbft] debris = 8,5 metric tons
  • Duration: 5 long nights with 4 - 6 guys working = approx 350 hours.
  • Edges pre-cut with circular saw (saw dia. 1200 mm [4 ft] - used 2 sawblades)
  • Broke out ceiling pads using a hydraulic press with 1000 bar pressure
  • Cut steel-concrete beams to "handy" pieces using a special sliding saw with hydraulic advance
  • Built in approx. 1.6 metric tons of steel as reinforcements according to static requirements, using more than 100 special anchors
  • Apprx. 1 metric ton of dust in the adjacent rooms and 25 embarrassed model builders/electronic guys....

Looking back at those numbers, I keep asking myself wether we shouldn't go ahead and accomplish this kind of work in 1/87 scale too: At least one could save a lot of debris. ;-)
Happy Easter!!!

And here is our special Easter egg: The Breakthrough

The banner announcing the Swiss section

Since last week we started adding banners to "strategically important places" to inform our first-time visitors (Yes, there are people out there without Internet) what will be built in which location.

The stairs cutting through the Swiss section

The stairs already now offer the opportunity of a "roundtrip" through the working pit. We will try to keep the stairs open to the public whenever possible.

The stairs in the Swiss section

We will try to keep the stairs open to the public whenever possible.

The benchwork for the airport

Right now, there are "only a few square feet" of table which...

The benchwork for the airport

nonetheless offer a first impression about the future size of the airport section...

The workshop; soon to be the Mediterranean...

The "Mediterranean" is now completely in the hands of the model builders and electronic shops. Will french be the official "working language" in here? ;-)

The fire engine collection

Re-located to the third floor between Bistro and WCity, the fire engine collection found it's new home.

A dragon in the Miniatur Wunderland

From the topic "Eerie Sightings": Maybe one shouldn't have followed the dwarfs from Tolkin's saga "Der Master of the rings" since digging too deep may wake up what is better kept sleeping...

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