Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

10.04.06 at 14:30 hrs

Weekly Report No 284, CW 14

From Monday, 03.04.2006 to Sunday, 09.04.2006
The ceiling is gone! Therefore, we have a comprehensive view into the 'construction pit' where work took place behind closed doors until last week.
Ceiling break-through in Switzerland

Since last week, we made a lot of progress: this is the last quarter right before the inevitable "demolition".

Ceiling break-through in Switzerland

The horizontal beams were quite a challenge...

Ceiling break-through in Switzerland

but cut into handy pieces, they weren't much of a problem.

Concrete beam from the Swiss section

This is one of those "handy pieces" of concrete beam.

Carsten recycling old metal:

A new job (we're currently looking for a couple of volunteers!!!):

Metal recycling

Regaining the old metal by extraction of the steel armor in order to sell it to the scrap yard....

The finished concrete flooring

On one side, the floor is finished while at the same time holes are drilled into the new floor on the other side.

L-beams directly on the concrete to support the layout's weight

For heavy weights, we prefer to position the beams directly onto the concrete. The flooring material might eventually not be able to carry the weight or warp.

The skeleton of the staircase in Switzerland

The staircase is growing (at least the carrying beams). Alert readers already know this because since last week we offer a new a topic on our internet site:

The skeleton of the staircase in Switzerland

The picture of the hour. The background information for this topic will be discussed in the next weekly report(including a nice little surprise!!!).

The viewing platform in the 4th floor

From now on, our visitors can again watch us building the layout - from both floors!!!

Dust protection and viewpoint

- from both floors!!!

Former location of fire engine collection

The back part of the 4th floor (behind the fire engine collection) only has fragments left...

Old caby-care room in the 4th floor

that remind of it's former purposes (for instance, this picture shows part of the decoration of our first baby-care room).

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