Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

03.04.06 at 14:33 hrs

Weekly Report No 283, KW 13

From Monday, 27.03.2006 to Sunday, 02.04.2006
It is unbelievable!Every once and again I stand in this monstrous hole and look up to the ceiling. It really is a pity that this view can't be transported into pictures but already at Easter, our visitors will be able to get a first hand impression.
The circular saw to cut the hole into the floor

A small circular saw... Of course, every classy craftsman has such a thing at home! Well, we didn't have one and so had to rent it. But who says that we are craftsmen? ;-)

Break-through in Switzerland

Since we also removed the I-beams for a better viewing, the vertical beams have to be reinforced - by using just a "couple of pounds" of iron beams...

'Dirt mountain'

This small mountain of rubble will be self-explanatory if we have a look at picture 6 later on...

The camera - picture of the hour - in Switzerland

This and the following picture have a "special relationship" with each other

Picture of the hour

- already guessed the reason?

Work in the 4th floor

Once we had storage, paint shop, and dresssing room in this area. More and more, this place is turned into a "nothing" - the far right of this picture shows the back of the cabinets the fire engine collection were presented in.

The new HASPA building in the Hamburg section

At the Adolphsplatz - ups - sorry - in the Hamburg section of the layout this new building is currently wired and programmed. Now it also becomes clear that this is the HASPA main building in the city of Hamburg.

Monster-Truck Show in Hamburg

Where yesterday a concert hall was located, a Monstertruck show and another small sports event takes place today.

The Sumo- Festival

The reason for this: We were able to invite an artist for the concert hall, but won't disclose his name yet! He will premiere 05/11/2006 but don't tell anybody... ;-)

Sumo wrestlers warming up

Right: just in case anybody can't wait or wants to argument, he can do that with these two guys: they're just warming up, anyway....

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