Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

20.03.06 at 14:38 hrs

Weekly Report No 281, CW 11

From Monday, 13.03.2006 to Sunday, 19.03.2006
This report will only show signs of planning activities since we publish the track plans for the new Alps-section! For better visibility, the pictures have a resolution of 1200 pixels instead of the "normal" size of 800 x 600 pixels.
Overview of the Swiss trackage

First things first: Here's a complete overview. Pretty confusing, right? Therefore, Gerhard splitted the plans already in partial sections in order to allow a better orientation.

Mainline 1 trackage from Austria to Switzerland

The main line 1 connects the old Alps section (which, BTW, will be rebuilt to "Austria") with the new section and will go further south to the mediterranean coast.

Staging area of mainline 2 in Switzerland

Main line 2 is connected with main line #1 using a branch line and goes further south via the Ticino area to the Wallis.

Branchline 1 in Switzerland

Finally, here are the thre branch lines of Switzerland, including the narrow gauges. This is branchline 1.

Branchline 2 in Switzerland

Branchline 2

Branchline 3 in Switzerland

Branchline 3

The future Mediterranean and workshop areas

In the future mediterranean area, the work on the floor is nearly finished. In a couple of days, this area (the right and back half of picture 7) will be occupied by our workshop teams.

The Swiss section; Ticino overview

The Ticino section will be established to the left of this area( resp. the right part of pic. 8).

The main office building of the HASPA

Since our little teaser has been solved in the meantime, here are a couple more photos of the HASPA main building.

Outside view of the HASPA main building

The outer railing,

Inside view of the HASPA main building

a view into the inner lodgia,and the CEO's offices.

The new market place underneath castle Loewenstein

As already announced in report No.279, pic. 11, Bobby currently works ...

The new market place underneath castle Loewenstein on a new market project which will be located at the foothill of Castle Loewenstein in Knuffingen.

The cooperation between Hamburg and Knuffingen is official!

Oh yes, Knuffingen! Now, if that's no special honor for us ( or should I say for the local THW organization of Knuffingen)! [THW -> Technisches Hilfswerk -> a civilian organistion for catastrophic emergencies] The (real) local section of Mid-Hamburg established an official "friendly collaboration and mutual support based on the individual possibilites". Just to prevent speculations: Yes, there will be a a separate homepage for the THW Knuffingen ... ;-)

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