Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

13.03.06 at 15:12 hrs

Weekly Report No 280, CW 10

From Monday, 06.03.2006 to Sunday, 12.03.2006
Having had the usual hassle after a system change ( I hate it when the saying "Never change a running System" comes true), it is time to take care of new things. As an example, we will start our ships database next week.
The simulation of Knuffingen by EEP

I just received spektacular data from Buggingen.

The simulation of Knuffingen by EEP

There, the publisher Trend is located who sells EEP Eisenbahn.exe and currently works on an add-on with the title 'Knuffingen'.

The original Knuffingen

The developers are about to program the structure sets, and this is an opportunity to have a glance at the quality of the simulation: I think that great stuff is aroud the corner!!!!

The new TransRapid right-of-way

Those, who assumed the Maglev has to do with report no. 278, picture 9, were absolutely right!

The new TransRapid right-of-way

The track is currently reconstructed with the goal to have the Maglev running continously again.

Radio station in Denmark

This radio station will be installed in the Denmark section, close to the brick-works.

Building for the Hamburg section, under construction

The teaser (pictures 1 - 3 from report no. 279) is still unsolved. So, you native Hamburgers (I think, however, that a real MiWuLa-Fan could also do it): Which structure of the Hamburg city is being built here?

Parts for a new building in the Hamburg section

( I already have to grin when I think at the "Ahhhhs" and "Ohhhhhs" as soon as the solution is presented...)

Construction of the aircondition in the Swiss section

And last but not least a quick glance behind the (still) closed doors: Using core holes, the climate pipes are installed directly under the ceiling ( It is not really easy to drill through such a beam of steel-enforced concrete).

The new aircondition in the Swiss section

Of course, there are further obstacles like the sprinklers which had to be relocated.

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