Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

06.03.06 at 16:15 hrs

Weekly Report No 279, CW 9

From Monday, 27.02.2006 to Sunday, 05.03.2006
Done! Sunday we moved to a faster server (hopefully, it is noticable ;-)
The new building for Altona Station in the Hamburg section

In our weekly report 273 we asked...

The new depot for Altona Station in the Hamburg section

what this mysterious object shown in could be.

Altona Terminus, Hamburg

In any case, it has to do with this empty space...

The restaurant in the Hamburg TV tower

Night has fallen over Hamburg...

The TV tower at night

...and the visitor can...

The AOL Arena at night

...experience completely new lighting effects.

Prep works for the expansion are under way

(Still) behind closed doors, the preparations for the next extension are going on.

Pouring the concrete

The concrete floor was poured. The future cable channels are very well seen in these pictures. Being integrated into the floor, they will take up all the computer- and controlling wires and cables.

Concrete mixer in front of the Wunderland

All in all, four concrete pumpers delivered 23m³ concrete.

Having fun while pouring the concrete

Obviously, grown up men relive childhood memories when splashing around with concrete. Seems to be the same phenomenon as watching the model railroad...

Bobby's new project

Since the Antique market is finished, Bobby just started his next project.

Snow chaos in the Speicherstadt

And now a hint for our visitors: at these weather conditions it will not be crowded, not even on a Sunday morning...

Snow chaos in the Speicherstadt

So, if you don't want to join a long waiting line, just pass by on such a day! It is, however, recommended to use public transport...

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