Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

27.02.06 at 15:18 hrs

Weekly Report No 278, CW 8

From Monday, 20.02.2006 to Sunday, 26.02.2006
Apart from the exciting weather outside our front door we start a small excursion to our "Antique market" and spend some time at the beach. Hopefully, Gerd will soon send the first track plans for the Alps-extension ;-)
Fog in the Speicherstadt

What a "soup". The opposite side of the canal is barely 50 meters away and disappears in a solid wall of fog this Sunday morning... .

Fog in the Speicherstadt

BTW, this is the view from our office to our parking lot.

Moored vessel in Scandinavia

That's why I praise the weather in Scandinavia: Although located a few latitudes further north, we have a very comfy climate with approx. 23° Celsius and 50% humidity.

Bouy in Scandinavia

Even the bouys are visible from a long distance. So the question may be allowed: Why the heck do they blink ?

Antiques in the Harz section

Now, as promised, we leave the north...

Antiques in the Harz section

and go to the Harz mountains where recently an "Antique Market" opened it's doors to the public.

Antiques in the Harz section

It is located in the lower town of Schwarzburg a.d. Weile and also offers the athmosphere of a village fair.

Antiques in the Harz section

Even music is provided but we'll have more on that next week...

Now, what could this be?

What would a weekly report be without leaving at least one open question: I just saw this mysterious object in the workshop. What could it be?

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