Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

20.02.06 at 15:22 hrs

Weekly Report No 277, CW 7

From Monday, 13.02.2006 to Sunday, 19.02.2006
I can already see the upcoming discussion in our forum, as soon as this report is made available: this report really offers some potential for a discussion!

Now to the news: On 02/16 our one-time eBay auction for charity ended: The last piece of our world-record track was sold to Sven-Uwe(eBay-id arjeplog2001) for blazing 178 Euros! He ordered the sum to be used for the reconstruction of the burned-down roundhouse of the DB musuem in Nuremberg. The money has already been transferred!

Gerd Dauscher published first impressions of the new building phase, something painfully waited for by most of our readers. The main theme will be Switzerland with high rising mountains from the third to the fourth floor. The visitor will be able to actually walk through the alps on a staircase. More on that when we have further details...
A 3D-model of our Switzerland

Here we have first impressions of the planning model and a couple of explanations as far as the planning state for the swiss room is concerned. Basic thoughts:

* Guide the visitor through the room in a closed circle to eliminate jams. * First see the layout in an overview, an overwhelming panorama, then discover small scenes along the stairs, and walk through the mountains step by step. * Panoramic vistas don't keep the visitor for a longer period, only small scenes invite to stay and to discover more.

A 3D-model of our Switzerland

We would like to offer these things:

* A chance to walk around a mountain. * The adventure of walking through a tunnel. * Walk right into the mountains and discover things seen before in the panomaric vista. * Dive into the underground (3rd floor) using the stairs. There, a fantasy world will be built (Keyword: Harry Potter). * Watch a station and the train movements from a bird's eye perspective.

A 3D-model of our Switzerland

We want to bring back typical MEMORIES of the mountains:

* Stand on the edge of a cliff. * Stand in a gorge and look up a steep mountain wall. * A scaring gorge. * See a summit from above. * Bridges and cabins over the heads of the visitors. * A train can be watched on a long piece of track where the train passes over a bridge underneath the feet of the visitor. The train is part of the whole picture until it directly approaches the visitor. Then it looses the context to the picture and and passes the eye of the spectator as a single object.

A 3D-model of our Switzerland

The swiss themes:

* Switzerland as a binding chain between France, Benelux, Germany, and Italy. * The crossing line over the alps, the Gotthart line with lots of tunnel loops, is of international importance for transit traffic. * A well known national alps connection of national importance. * The swiss narrow gauge trains cross high passes - we'll find trains like the GlacierExpress, Heidi Express and Bernina Express.

A 3D-model of our Switzerland

We'll model three regions

: * Wallis as High mountains range with the Matterhorn * Graubünden as touristic region with narrow gauge lines * Tessin (Ticino) with mediterranean flair

This, too, is Switzerland: Chemical industry, concrete works, hotels, water reservoirs, touristicly deployed summits with ski lifts...

Preparation of 3rd floor

Apart from the actual planning, it might also be interesting that we started the preparations for the next building phase: First, everything had to go from the third floor (where the cinemas and a couple of offices were located) and the flooring is prepared.

Preparation of 3rd floor

During the building time used for the Alps extension, this area will accomodate the workshops for the electronics and model building departments.

Cog-wheel test track

In the meantime, the tech-guys are busy to test narrow gauge and cogwheel tracks, and also try to determine the actual feasable gradients.


It is a bit tricky to estimate the longterm stress for the material using too steep gradients...

The new shopping center in the Hamburg section

In the Hamburg area, the shopping center makes some progress -

The new shopping center in the Hamburg section

the first building modules found their location.

The auto repair unterneath the station

"Pimp My Ride" also moved in under the station of Altona.

Waterfall in Scandinavia

After all these exciting news we have a relaxing view to the waterfall in Scandinavia...and enjoy the forum!

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