Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

13.02.06 at 15:25 hrs

Weekly Report No 276, CW 6

From Monday, 06.02.2006 to Sunday, 12.02.2006
A weekly report... Well, and what do I do now? I don't have a really good idea for an introductive text but on the other hand, the next weekly report is right around the corner - I definitely needed the one week off and now the neglected work has to be done!
Shooting of an eBay-spot in the Wunderland

The alert reader surely noticed the missing bridge in picture 1 of last week. What was that good for?

Shooting of an eBay-spot in the Wunderland

I just can't wait until the first "sighting" of this spot is reported in the forum.

AOL Arena gate

Uh oh, will it still be possible to enter the AOL-arena with a camera? In any case, you now need a valid ticket!

Other things to do

And what, if you don't have a ticket? Well, in that case there other things "to do".... ;-)

The Easter Special is ready

The diorama for Gitta's "Easter Special" has been finished in the meantime - just the cabinet is still missing.

Location of new shopping center

The shopping mall is still a "construction zone" but the underground garage is ready.

Underground garage of shopping center

Although there are no shops around yet, you can at least park your car!

CarSystem on the huge bridge in Scandinavia

And what else happened? Oh yes: a couple of vehicles appeared in Scandinavia, more precisely on the bridge spanning the "North-East Sea".

CarSystem on the huge bridge in Scandinavia

Now it also becomes clear why the ambulance is always "snaking" it's way along the bridge.

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