Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

06.02.06 at 15:27 hrs

Weekly Report No 275, CW 5

From Monday, 30.01.2006 to Sunday, 05.02.2006
The server-relocation is still in progress. All HTML- and PHP pages are already installed on the new server and are currently tested under another domain name.
The main difficulty is not to loose any data in the moment of the server relocation (like Forum, guest book, backstage tour bookings, etc...) since - depending on the provider - during the first hours of the relocation the target will be either the new or the old server IP. To catch this phenomenon, the old server will redirect everything to the test domain. All visitors not being redirected will consequently land on the new server. Since the test domain uses the database on the new server, Miniatur Wunderland can be reached via two different domain names (which work independently from each other) but the same database is used -> no data loss possible ;-)
Only the foto-upload of the visitor gallery will be switched off during the relocation, since these pictures are not stored in a database but in a sub-directory of the respective domains.

But now enough of internet stuff and back to the Wunderland:
What?! A hole in the Alps section???

Tomorrow we'll welcome a special guest who has to do with the hole in this photo.

House in the Alps section

Originally, the building shown in this photo was located here.

Easter Special

Easter already ??!!

Halloween Special

No way!

Halloween Special

The "special theme trains" which Gitta built over the months...

Halloween Special

...will be propped on a fitting mini diorama before they will be stored in a special glas-cabinet (this is the "Halloween Train").

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