Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

30.01.06 at 15:29 hrs

Weekly Report No 274, CW 4

From Monday, 23.01.2006 to Sunday, 29.01.2006
What's new in the Wunderland? We still have to wait for the permission to start digging our hole in the ceiling and use the time to refurbish the exhibition area.
Gerd Dauscher is nearly ready to publish the first plans for the new Alps-section. I think the first results will show up in the next weekly reports....
Renting the rooms in the shopping center

The shopping mall is nearly complete and will soon be included into the layout. The rental dept. did not lease all rooms yet but that's not unusual in real life, either ;-)

An escalator of the new shopping center in the Hamburg section

These escalators are also part of the shopping mall. They connect the overpass over the tracks with the platforms.

Some background music at the antique market

The planned antique market slowly converts into a feast -

The band is almost ready

the band is ready to entertain the visitors!

The truck is ready to take off to the market

These detailling parts will be placed around the bungie-jumper crane in the Harz area.

Setting up the antique market

The crane is located right at the layout edge and so interesting motives should be guaranteed ;-)

The renovation in the Miniatur Wunderland

The above mentioned refurbishments also includes the multi-color slate plates that already came in handy at other places.

The renovation in the Miniatur Wunderland

In addition, we painted the walls a sky-blue instead of leaving them white.

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