Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

23.01.06 at 15:31 hrs

Weekly Report No 273, CW 3

From Monday, 16.01.2006 to Sunday, 22.01.2006
Uups, again another one? Yes: Already a new weekly report! after a "starving" period, you're certainly allowed to have a feast ;-).
On the other hand, I don't expect requests for the next report on monday morning because I most certainly won't have time for it: Coming sunday we would like to relocate our domain to a new, faster server (if everything is ok). To be on the safe side, I will use monday for checks and fine tuning....

The teaser for this week: What can we see here?

The parts for a new building

And since we are at questions: a genuine Hamburg native might know what this is going to be. (Hint: It had was mentioned in an older report)..

The new garage underneath the station

This "garage" will be located behind and underneath the metro-station "Altona-Ost".

The new garage underneath the station

"Pimp my Ride" is the motto of these freaks!

The new garage underneath the station

The parts for the antiques shop

The mayor of Schwarzburg on Weile in the Harz-section announced an antique market for this spring.

The parts for the antiques shop

We didn't see any dealers yet ...,

The parts for the antiques shop

...but had a chance to have a glimpse at the items in storage...

New lanterns for castle Loewenstein

The owner of castle Löwenstein nearly freaked out when he received the calculation for the technical refurbishment of his park lanterns but the citizens of Knuffingen spontaneously started a fund raiser and thus enabled the modernization by sponsoring it!

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